Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Review

 A Versatile Electronic Drum Kit : The Alesis DM10 Studio kit comes with a high definition module with 12 trigger mixer and input jacks. With the USB, it is possible to load customized external songs and control computer software. There is also a premium sound library of samples with more than 1000 built in sounds to choose from real cymbals and drums to jam along with. It is possible to mix input with MP3 and CD players.

The Apple USB adapter is sold separately to attach iPad. This kit is compact with it 4 post stage rack with its integrated cymbal arms. You can play along and record your performances with the sequencer. There is dynamic articulation sound system along with dynamics for providing realism.

The kit is class compliant so it does not require any driver. The real head snare, kick and tom pads use Mylar heads which means you get authentic rebound and sticking. A kick pedal can be purchased and attached with the Alesis DM10 Studio kit separately as it is not included with the drum set.

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Review

Now let us take a look at the individual features of this drum kit. I will share my personal experience of using this drum kit as well so read along.

The Module

The new drum sound module of the Alesis DM10 Studio kit holds true percussion, drum and cymbal sounds to provide you with a professional feel right at your home. It is the world’s first drum sound module which gives you the option to load in new sound sets via the USB connection straight from your computer. This means your module will stay current and up to date with the latest innovations. The module has a easy to use interface where you can easily set up the desired sound effects or other music.

Specialized Pads

The Alesis DM10 Studio kit features acoustic feeling Real-Head trigger pads in 8 and 10 inches to give you the old school acoustic rock set vibes. There are dual zone snare pads which have real Mylar drum-heads to provide you with the feel you demand. With the Real Head pad, you can use any single or double kick pedal as well, making the Alesis DM10 Studio kit universal and dynamic. The pads feel natural and sturdy as well so it doesn’t feel like things are about to fall off when you bang or crash hard. The pads don’t have any dents as off yet which makes me feel like they will last me a long time.

More Stability with More Drums

The Alesis DM10 Studio kit is a professional and six piece electronic drum set with its realistic feeling and RealHead drum trigger pads. The DM pad cymbals make low noise. The StageRack is compact and flexible. You can rock hard at your place and take it on the go while moving anywhere. The Alesis DM10 Studio kit is compact and portable so that you can play for any audience or sharpen your skill levels with continuous practice sessions even while travelling.

 Other Features

The Alesis DM10 Studio kit includes 12 mixer and trigger inputs with its high definition drum module. It lets you load custom third party sound sets or control the computer software via a USB cable adapter for a unique and customized experience where you get to have jamming sessions with your favorite artists’ superior performances.

There is also a premium sound library of uncompressed samples from real time drums and cymbals. You can use the Alesis DM10 Studio kit for realism as the dynamic articulation sound system lets you timbre along with dynamics. With this amazing electronic drum kit you can play along and record your performances with the sequencer. Moreover, you can mix input for practicing with your audio players and smart devices as well. You buy a separate Apple USB adapter if you want to attach the kit with your iPad.

Now let’s look at some of the pros and cons of having the Alesis DM10 Studio kit.


  • The benefits are much more than what this kit costs.
  • The number of input jacks is more than many other competitors’.
  • More than 1000 built in sounds to make you practice more.
  • Possible to mix input with external audio players and smart devices.
  • Compact drum kit.
  • Dynamic articulation sound system.
  • RealHead pads let you attach any single or double kick pedal.


  • The pads get dented after a while, though it doesn’t affect the sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I use drum pads and cymbals of other brands?

A: Yes you can. However, you will need to readjust the sensitivity from the module once you attach the other brands’ drum pads and cymbals.

Q: Does this kit come with a Hi – hat pedal?

A: Yes a Hi – hat pedal is included in the package.

Q: Is it possible to start playing the kit right after getting it out of the package?

A: Yes and no. It does come with a lot of extra things but it doesn’t come with a kick drum pedal, without which you will not be able to play the bass drum.

Q: Can you mount the snare pad on the stand or is it to be clamped on the side?

A: Yes, the snare pad can be mounted on the stand.

Q: Is the USB data cable included with the package?

A: No, it isn’t. You will have to buy a separate one.

Final Verdict 

I must say that the Alesis DM10 Studio kit is one of the best electronic drums of the market. Investing in this kit will be a great decision as it will provide you unlimited options to choose to perform your favorite performances. This is an electronic drum that is highly recommended for the beginners.



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