Alesis DM6 USB Kit Review

Your First Drumming Kit : The Alesis DM6 USB kit can be the perfect choice for an aspiring drummer who is looking for a professional drum to enhance their drumming skills and kick start their musical career. The module features a collection of 108 quality drum, cymbal and percussion sounds to get you started in your practice. You can edit your performance with 5 custom and 10 preset slots.

There is a MIDI controller which can be used with the help of a USB output device. There is also an option of putting your smart device or CD player through the input jack so you can jam along with your favorite numbers. The pads feel natural to hit and feels pretty sturdy as well. The shock feedback is minimal, thanks to the natural rubber drum and cymbal surfaces of the kit so you play the drum for longer hours on end.

This is a 5 piece kit and you can have two – sounds compatibility with the added dual zone snare pads. There are three tom pads, one kick drum pad and hi – hat, ride cymbal and crash pads included in this kit.

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Review

Now I will talk about the features and quality of using this Alesis DM6 USB kit in detail with you.

Exceptional Sound Quality

The DM6 module of this kit has an internal collection of top notch percussion, drum and cymbal sounds with higher quality sound which will blow your mind in the most delightful way. The sound quality is superior and I loved it. Sure, listening skills vary from person to person, but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the sound quality of the Alesis DM6 USB kit as your starter drum kit.

You can even edit and save your drum kits for making and adding custom sounds. You can connect in your CD or MP3 player or your smart device to mix it in as well.

Distinctive Alesis Feel

Same as all the other Alesis drum sets available on the market in various prices and features, the Alesis DM6 USB kit features natural feeling realistic playing surface to give you the feel of an acoustic rock drum set.

Moreover, the vibration feedback is minimum, thanks to the selected natural rubber drum and cymbal surfaces on the pads of the Alesis DM6 USB kit. This means you get to play your drum on hours end without having to encounter pain or uncomforting feelings on your hands.

Sturdy Hardware

The Alesis DM6 USB kit is mounted on a heavy duty aluminum rack to ensure a solid base while you jam on your drum kit, without having to worry about shaking or wobbling of the drum set. The standard 1 and ½ inches tubing ensures that you can add on with Alesis as well as other brands’ clamps and mounts, making the Alesis DM6 USB kit universal and versatile. The kit also includes a full set of mounting cables and hardware, as well as some sturdy and good quality hi – hat and kick drum pedals. All in all, the whole set feels pretty sturdy and solid and feels like it can endure a lot of banging and crashing without falling apart any time soon.

Other Features

Other than these, the Alesis DM6 USB kit also comes along with built in sounds to choose from and customize your performances with. There are 40 preset practice patterns included on the module with visual pad indicator feedback to keep you on track. There are 15 programmable drum sets. Moreover, there are 108 top notch percussion, cymbal and drum sounds inside the module.

The set comes with everything you need to start your drumming session right out of the box. The Alesis DM6 USB kit is very easy to set up as well. The only things you need to have are the headphones and perhaps, a chair.

You can buy a separate Apple USB adapter to connect the Alesis DM6 USB kit with your iPad.

Now there are some pros and cons which I have found out upon using the Alesis DM6 USB kit first hand.


  • Input jack lets you attach your own device for selecting songs.
  •    MIDI controller lets you record and edits your practice sessions to make them better.
  •  The interface is very user friendly.
  •  The customization option with tons of preset sounds is a nice feature.
  • Everything you need to start your jamming session is already included in the package.


  •   The snare drum needs to be hit harder than usual for it to trigger. But this happens only once in a while and it is not a regular occurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does this drum kit come with drumsticks and seat?

A: Yes it comes with a pair of drumsticks in roughly 2B size. No there is no seat included with the package.

Q: Does this drum set sound good while playing reggae?

A: This sounds good for playing any type of music. The sound quality is superior to many of its competitor at a much higher price.

Q: Can this kit be used on a rock band?

A: No this kit is a standalone drum kit.

Q: Can this kit be attached into a sound system with a jack to plug in?

A: Yes. You can use an adapter.

Q: What kind of headphones should I use to hear the drum sounds?

A: You can use any headphone with a 1/8 inches jack.           

Final Verdict

In short, I can say that the Alesis DM6 USB KIT is a great investment for any aspiring drummer. The option to connect your computer with the kit gives you unlimited options to choose from your favorite performances. I will recommend this kit for beginners as it is an affordable and suitable starter kit for a drummer. I hope this review will come in you aid when you take your decision.



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