The Alesis Forge Kit

Whether you are an aspiring drummer of just a hobbyist, you will need an amazing set of drums to play and practice on. The tragedy is that most acoustic drum sets, the great quality ones at least, can be heavy on the wallet. And if not that, they won’t fit into your rat-house of a bedroom.

The solution is electric drums. This thing can take some serious beating. Anyway, an electric drum kit is just what you need to kick-start your drumming journey. Which is why I will be reviewing on such electric drum kit for you to ponder on: the Alesis Forge Kit. We will review it and you will be the judge of it. Is it good enough to be your next purchase?  Keep reading to find out!

The Alesis Forge Kit Review

The Alesis Forge Kit is an 8-piece electric drum kit. It features a forge drum module and a rubber snare head. This drum kit is more or less a kit for beginners or learners. It is lightweight and seemingly more compact compared to some of the generic electric drum kits out there; it weighs just 37.5 pounds and measures 27.6 x 47.3 x 43.3 inches in dimensions. We clearly see it is portable. But what do we get with a kit so light? The Alesis Forge Kit includes:

  • One 11” dual-zone rubber snare pad
  • Three 8” rubber tom pads
  • One 10” ride cymbal with choke
  • One 10” Hi-hat cymbal
  • Forge Drum Module
  • One Kick drum pedal
  • One Kick tower
  • One Hi-hat pedal
  • 4-post chrome rack
  • Drum sticks
  • Kick drum pedal
  • Cable snake
  • Cable wraps
  • Power adapter
  • Module user guide
  • Drum kit assembly instructions, and finally
  • Safety and warranty manual

Well, that’s quite a mouthful right there. Anyway, as you can see right off the bat that the Alesis Forge Kit offers you warranty alongside the usual staples, which is great because many drum kit sellers skimp or shy away from this. Let’s move on to the main attraction and the most important segment of our review now.

Sound Quality

The Alesis Forge Kit offers you an 11” dual-zone snare drum and three 8” tom pads are feel natural and are highly responsive. The snare head, being made out rubber, gives you extra comfort and sound dynamics. The cymbals you get also give you the freedom to experience unlimited sound expressions.

The module of any electric drum kit is the very brain of it. And, the module on the Alesis Forge Kit is no less. It features 70 kits out of which 50 are factory built-in and 20 that you can create on your own. It also offers you over 600 sounds and 60 songs to for you to drum on. You also get 14 Hi-hat combinations and up to 99 user-loaded samples. The module also has a training function that will prove exceptionally useful for practicing and teaching. It also has a built-in metronome that helps you polish and sharpens your timing skills.


The more you sync with the sound around you, the better you drum. The module on your Alesis Forge Kit makes sure it never stops you from sharing and connecting with other devices. The jacks on this thing are generous, clearly; 1 TS Crash 2, 1 TS Tom 4, 2 TRS main output, 1 stereo headphone output, 1 stereo auxiliary output, 1 5-pin MIDI input and 1 5-pin MIDI output, 1 USB MIDI port and 1 USB host port.

Usually, for me, having a headphone jack, aux jack and USB jack or MIDI cable for connecting the kit to the computer is enough, but the Alesis Forge Kit does all that and more.

Visual Appeal and Construction

Drum kits are nothing short of a personal trophy and wanting to show it off is only normal. Truth is, the Alesis Forge Kit is not the best looking electric drum kit out there thanks to its thin and boyish-looking framework. Nonetheless, it is still pretty decent-looking.

The construction may look thin and weak but looks are deceiving, I guess. The Alesis Forge Kit is rested on a 4-post mounting rack made out of premium chrome; secure, sturdy and strong.

A quick Overview of the Alesis Forge Kit


  • The Alesis Forge Kit is lightweight, compact and portable
  • Good sound quality
  • Has a powerful and generous module that is packed with useful functions and feature
  • Great connectivity features
  • Is strong and sturdy
  • Comes with warranty


  • Users have complained that the bass has a tendency to bounce back on pedal
  • Does not work for double pedals
  • Not ideal for expert or professional use
  • Low-quality drumsticks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Alesis Forge Kit

Can I use flash USB drive to record on the Alesis Forge Kit?

Answer: Yes, you can. Just plug in the USB drive and you can immediately start recording; no fuss!

Will this drum kit accept or support wireless headphones? Bluetooth, to be precise.

Answer: No, sorry, unfortunately not. The Alesis Forge Kit is compatible with wired 3.5 mm headphones only.



And with this, it’s a wrap to our Alesis Forge Kit review. We hope our review was comprehensive and detailed enough for you to make the smartest decision. All information in this artcle is true, valid and legit, so you’ll never have to fear about being misinformed.

Now, for the Alesis Forge Kit itself. The Alesis Forge Kit is undoubtedly a good quality drum kit. It has some amazing feature, an amazing module, to entertain and teach a beginner learner. But, sometimes, just being good is not good enough, especially considering the drum kit’s cons which very much compromise with performance and experience. If you are looking for a very cheap alternative for those higher-end electric drums for someone who is just learning, then the Alesis Forge Kit will get the job done just fine. But if you have an expert hand and high standards in drumming, then I’d say this isn’t the kit for you. Not recommended.


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