Pintech PDK1000 Electric Drum Kit Silver Vein

Electric drums are all the rage these days, and for some pretty darn good reasons too. These are relatively cheaper, more compact and controllable than their acoustic cousins.It is pretty true that no electric drum kit can ever replace a good, pure and loyal acoustic drums kit in terms of sound quality and user experience, but some high-quality electrum drums can get pretty close. And having said that, let me also say that finding out that one electric drum kit that can compete with acoustic kits and your high standards is the purpose of our article today. On that note, we will be reviewing the Pintech PDK1000 Electric Drum Kit Silver Vein. Will it be good enough to make the cut or will it fall short? Let’s find out.

 Pintech PDK1000 Review

The Pintech PDK1000 has been designed to give you concert grade performance. This kit specially features a heavy-duty ConcertCase series mesh pads that give you that very real and raw user experience. These ConetCase mesh pads have a hollow bottom which makes for great sensitivity response and does a great work to reduce noise. The Pintech PDK1000 Electric Drum Kit Silver Vein includes:

  • Pintech EZv2 Module
  • Three 8” single-zone ConcertCase mesh pads
  • One 10” single-zone ConcertCase mesh pads
  • One GIG KD kick pad
  • One All-metal GIG hi-hat pedal
  • One 14” TC series cymbal
  • Two 10” TC series cymbals
  • 1 EZv2 drum module
  • 1 3000 series rack with all the required clamps, cables, etc

The Pintech PDK1000 is made out of aluminum and titanium shells with high quality, real metal hardware. This kit is clearly durable, rustproof and made to last you. One great thing too is that is rather lightweight; weighing in at just 55.5 pounds. It is also very compact, measuring 36 x 18.5 x 18.5 inches in dimension; carrying it around for gigs and shows? No problem!


Sound Quality

The features ConcertCase series mesh pads give you a very natural, very pure sound experience. The hollow bottom ensures maximum noise reduction for a seamless routine. The EZv2 module on the Pintech PDK1000 is absolutely packed to the limit. It offers you 335 voices, 30 kits out of which 20 are preset and 10 are user. You also get 60 preset songs and heap more. The module lets you have maximum control over pretty much the whole kit. Control the pitch, volume, sensitivity, tempo and so on.

Tuning is a problem with many electric drum kits. It is a very personal thing and users like to have control over it. The Pintech PDK1000 is fully tune-able. All you have to do is implement your drum keys and that is pretty much it. You can tune everything to your liking with a light twist.

The sound output on the Pintech PDK1000 is amazing, to say the least; gets pretty close to a real, high-quality acoustic drum kit by all means.



The Module on the Pintech PDK1000, the EZv2, offers a good number of jacks to get your entire kit connected to your computer or phones. Through the help of your software, you can now drum to your favorite sounds from your playlist and library.

The module also gives you DC in, AUX out, Aux in, Hi-Hat control, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Crash, MIDI in, MIDI in and a few other jacks. You can also have your kit connected to an amplifier for that extra sound boost. One thing is for sure, you will never feel deprived of connectivity with the Pintech PDK1000.

Visual Appeal

Let’s be honest here, if you want to be able to take your kit out on shows, stages or any public appearance at all, you want it to look nothing like a toy drum. With a polished silver lining on every element on the Pintech PDK1000, your arsenal looks beautifully old-school and powerful. Maybe that’s where it got its “silver vein” name from. Either way, all good in our book in term of looks and appeal!


  • The Pintech PDK1000 is lightweight and compact; portable
  • Easy assembly
  • Features ConcertCase mesh pads for added sound clarity; great sound quality
  • The EZv2 module offers its user various kits, settings, sound, etc; adjustable
  • Can be tuned
  • Offers good connectivity features
  • Is durable and sturdy


  • Terrible instructions
  • The positioning of the cymbal pads feel a little too far for easy reach
  • Little to no responsive from the customer care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Pintech PDK1000

I need some extra power. Can the Pintech PDK1000 Electric Drum Kit be hooked up with 2 separate amplifiers at the same time?

Answer: The module on the Pintech PDK1000 Electric Drum Kit, the EZv2, is ridiculously packed with connectivity jacks, both input, and output. You can easily connect it to 2 amplifiers; no problem at all.

Does it come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, it does come with a limited warranty. The seller is obliged to replace, refund or repair any problem that has been incurred on its side of the trade.


And with this end our Pintech PDK1000 Electric Drum Kit review. We got to about most of its features, advantage, and disadvantages from the review so far, and we learned that the Pintech PDK1000 Electric Drum Kit is an absolutely killer choice for live performances, recordings, learning and teaching. It is powerful and qualitative enough to be used by professionals alongside learner as well. And yes, the cymbal positioning will put off a few users, but then again, nothing a little twitching can’t fix.

We hope you enjoyed reading our review and learned about the product just enough to make an informed and smart decision. But, so far in our book, the Pintech PDK1000 Electric Drum Kit Silver Vein is a great buy. You will like it. Recommended.



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