Pyle Pro PTED01 Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit Review

Great Addition to Your Musical Muse : This versatile Pyle pro PTED01 electronic table digital drum kit can be a valuable addition to your musically inclined self as this portable and compact kit will become your partner at the beginning of your drummer life. You can play the drum with pre recorded sounds such as rock, jazz, pop, techno, hip hop etc. and record your own performances as well.

The easy to handle audio configuration control lets you edit your records and turn them into masterpieces. You can plug in this kit when you are home, or put in 6 C size batteries if you plan to take this out with you. You can pump up the volume and play this kit for your audience, or plug in your headphones and jam in quite sessions which your neighbors will clearly approve of. There are 7 drum pads with 25 preset drum kits. There are 100 songs you can play along with.

Pyle-Pro PTED01 Review

Now I will talk about some significant features of the Pyle pro PTED01 electronic table digital drum kit in detail to give you an insider insight of this electronic drum kit.

Record and Edit

The top panel of this Pyle pro PTED01 electronic table digital drum kit is equipped with a LCD screen and many audio configurations tools to control and create some truly unique and customizable music to suit your musical preferences and enhance your creativity level. Once you set up the sounds with the help of the drum trigger pads, you can save the presets and continue to play from there. After you are done with the practice and confident with your performance, you can push the record button to create your very first solo drum performance.

Take It with You Everywhere

The Pyle pro PTED01 electronic table digital drum kit is powered with the AC adapter that comes included with the kit. If you want to take this with you on a travel or probably to play in front of a small audience, you can go wireless as this drum kit runs on batteries as well. You will need 6 C size batteries to make this electronic drum kit work on the wireless mode. Thanks to this feature, you now can take your drum kit easily whenever you need.

Moreover, with the table top design, the Pyle pro PTED01 electronic table digital drum kit is truly compact and easily portable but still loaded with the feel of the professional electronic drum kits. It doesn’t get any better than this. This compact and portable feature is probably my favorite thing about the drum kit.

Hold a Private or Public Show

The Pyle pro PTED01 electronic table digital drum kit lets you pump up the volume and let you enjoy a show with your friends and family. At night times or when it is best to keep quiet, you can simply plug in into your headphone jack and start your own personal jamming session without disturbing the whole neighborhood.

There are other inputs on the drum kit as well, such as kick and hi – hat pedal input jacks that can be connected with a USB jack to attach external devices.

Connect with Your Computer

You can connect your Pyle pro PTED01 electronic table digital drum kit unit to your PC or Mac using the USB cable. It will function as a MIDI controller for your computer software and will give you more functionality with unlimited options of music and sounds to choose from your collection. Just attach in the USB controller and jam away with your favorite artists. You can even record such sessions with the record button. This doesn’t get any better than that, clearly. Make all your drumming dreams come true with minimal efforts.

Now it is time to look at the pros and cons of using a Pyle pro PTED01 electronic table digital drum kit.



  • Great as a starter kit.
  • It costs less for what it offers.
  • Sometimes it does not register a hit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How efficient will this drum kit be for a person with absolutely no drumming skills?

A: I think this kit will be perfect for starting as a drummer. This kit is built in a way to cater to the people with various skill levels. The practice will make you into an amateur drummer in no time.

Q: Can you reset all the controls?

A: Yes, you can reset each of the controls.

Q: Does this kit come with headphones?

A: Yes.

Q: Does this kit come with a USB cable?

A: No, but you can attach one to connect with your computer software.

Q: Is this kit suitable for a kid?

A: Of course. There is no age limit to use this drum kit.

Q: What is included with the packaging?

A: You will get a pair of drumsticks, 2 foot pedals, one AC adapter and a user’s manual with the drum kit.

Final Verdict

I felt like the Pyle pro PTED01 electronic table digital drum kit will be an appropriate addition to start drumming at a professional level for people at any age or drumming skills. The overall performance and features of this electronic drum kit is pretty good enough. I will recommend the Pyle pro PTED01 electronic table digital drum kit to an aspiring drummer who is aiming to better their skills and go professional eventually. The portability of the drum kit ensures that you get ample amount of practicing even on the go. I hope this review will come in handy when you make that decision to buy an electronic drum kit to start your musician life.


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