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Pintech PDK1000 Electric Drum Kit Silver Vein

Electric drums are all the rage these days, and for some pretty darn good reasons too. These are relatively cheaper, more compact and controllable than their acoustic cousins.It is pretty true that no electric drum kit can ever replace a good, pure and loyal acoustic drums kit in terms of sound quality and user experience, […]

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The Alesis Forge Kit

Whether you are an aspiring drummer of just a hobbyist, you will need an amazing set of drums to play and practice on. The tragedy is that most acoustic drum sets, the great quality ones at least, can be heavy on the wallet. And if not that, they won’t fit into your rat-house of a […]

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Alesis Nitro Kit Review

Answer to Your Musical Dreams : The Alesis Nitro Kit review will start with stating the fact that this electronic drum kit can be answer to your musical dream of becoming a professional drummer. The kit is equipped in such a way so that you get the complete feel of a professional drum set at the […]

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Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Review

 A Versatile Electronic Drum Kit : The Alesis DM10 Studio kit comes with a high definition module with 12 trigger mixer and input jacks. With the USB, it is possible to load customized external songs and control computer software. There is also a premium sound library of samples with more than 1000 built in sounds to […]

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Alesis DM6 USB Kit Review

Your First Drumming Kit : The Alesis DM6 USB kit can be the perfect choice for an aspiring drummer who is looking for a professional drum to enhance their drumming skills and kick start their musical career. The module features a collection of 108 quality drum, cymbal and percussion sounds to get you started in […]

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