Roland TD-11K-S Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

There is nothing in the world like traditional acoustic drums sets, but they can be quite a work if you are a slow-learner or lack great guidance. This is where electric drum sets come in; these drums, over the traditional ones, are far more controllable, compact and easy to use.

But the truth is that you are going to need a fantastic electric drum set to beat or even match the caliber of an acoustic drum set. And to add to that, we dedicate our article today to reviewing an electric drum set that has got a lot of people talking, the Roland TD-11K-S. But will it be able to be delivered to your set of standards and liking? Let’s find that out right now!

The Roland TD-11K-S Review 

Okay, so what is the Roland TD-11K-S? This electric drum set is a complete and wholesome set from Roland and claims to be more than qualified enough to play along to users of any skill level. This set is said to produce very natural and realistic sound quality and can be used to various applications including practice, teaching, live performance, etc.

Right off the bat, the first thing you notice is that the Roland TD-11K-S is very lightweight and compact. It weighs just 47.4 pounds and measures 47 ¼ x 43 5/16 x 49 ¼ inches in dimensions; making it very portable and mobile too!

The Roland TD-11K-S includes

  • Bass drum
  • 3 toms
  • Snare drum
  • Hi-hat controller
  • 3 cymbal pads
  • Drum stand

One letdown about this set is that kick pedal will be sold separately. Voids the whole idea of “complete set” in my opinion.

 Sound Quality

The Roland TD-11K-S has a module that comes with pre-set sounds and tuning; it has a staggering 25 drum kits sounds to offer. You can even add to that from the 190 different sounds at offer too. The module features a turning wheel that let you control the volume of your drumming. This means it lets you take charge of how to want your beats to sound.

Speaking of volume, this sets has both mesh and rubber paddings. Mesh on the snare and bass drum and rubber on the toms. This makes you variations in the intensities of sound and volume.

The sound quality on this thing has to be heard to be believed; it does not get any closer to an acoustic drum than this, really! Just in case your inner artistic OCD is still not complying with you, the Roland TD-11K-S lets you tune every drum and cymbal on it. Just with the push of 3 buttons, you can change the tuning just like that.


One of the better things about electric drums is the fact it tries to sync with other devices to some extent for a better practice; the Roland TD-11K-S does not fall too back on this either. Connect it to your computer through a MIDI cable and you will able to play around with any sound file in your playlist or library. The recording is definitely a breeze too; just plug in the MIDI cable to the module and then your computer, and that’s it!

The LCD module also offers you jacks for headphones and amplifiers among many other devices.

 Coach Mode

This one feature caught our eyes. The Roland TD-11K-S has a built-in mode that is especially helpful for players who face the problem with syncing and tuning each beat at the right time; it is called the Coach Mode. This mode shows the number of time you’ve hit the correct note at the right time, from a level of 0 to 100; 100 being perfect score. This mode also does quite count and warm-up. Needless to say, the Roland TD-11K-S is a true friend for beginners.


You see, the thing about drums is that like a good car, users have a tendency to modify and add to it. And the Roland TD-11K-S lets you do that. You can add one more tom or 1 more cymbal on this set, giving drumming nerds one more reason to fangirl over it.

 Visual appeal

There’s nothing much to say about it since anyone who first looks at it will know: it is very professional-looking, clean and elegant. The Roland TD-11K-S is one of those instruments you’d love to show off to a crowd.


  • The Roland TD-11K-S give you amazing sound quality; as close to acoustic drums as it gets
  • Offers you many pre-set sound and settings which are also very adjustable
  • Offers 3 training functions on Coach Mode
  • Is incredibly lightweight and compact; portable
  • Easy recording
  • Looks great


  • Does not come with a kick tower; separately sold
  • Limited sound range

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Roland TD-11K-S

Can I add my personal sound sample into the module of the Roland TD-11K-S? Will it support wav? File formats?

Answer: The module on the Roland TD-11K-S is what makes this set so fun and easy to use. And to answer your question, yes, it will do that without any problem. It has a USB flash drive jack to, by the way.

Will it run on 220-240v? How can I play this in 220V power countries?

Answer: No, it won’t work on 220-240V. However, you can play it those countries by using a step-down transformer.


Through our Roland TD-11K-S review, we find that:

  • The Roland TD-11K-S is ideal for beginners
  • Powerful enough to be used by experts too
  • Has knockout sound quality

So, yes, Roland has lived up to its claims, beautifully. But the fact that the “set” does not come with a kick tower in it upsets me a little. But considering how amazing and powerful this set is, I think I’ll look passed it for now. For more details, click on the link provided above.

All in all, the Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set is an excellent alternative to acoustic drums. It won’t be a regrettable purchase no matter what; highly recommended!


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